Mirrors of Cacedera

The Chronicles of Cacedera - Book I

Ambrosia "Amy" Meek was a quiet bookworm. She preferred to live her life in the fantasy fiction section of libraries. A solitary life suited her just fine. Even her dreams are fantastical - like the one where she was dropped into a world, not unlike her favorite books. It was a dream that haunted her for four years.

Until it wasn't a dream. Until it happened, apparently, for the second time. She becomes thrust into a world full of intrigue and danger. A world where the boy who had been haunting her dreams for years, is real, and a man now.

Warning This book contains several triggering events. There are depictions of violence, torture, and rape. These can be very upsetting to some readers, if that is you, please proceed with caution.

Please, if you are a victim, or someone you love has been a victim of one of these sorts of crimes–please seek help. https://www.rainn.org/resources



Remember you are not alone.