What's in a Naim?

Angler Prep Saga Book One

Meet the Bennet Siblings -




and Bobbit

Naim - It's my senior year, and I'm f'n done with everyone's bull. I'm doing my best to get through the rest of high school, which is hard enough on its own, without dealing with the twins or Bob. The summer seems to have been a standoff between us kids and our parents - the prize? Bob, at home, with us - so we've circled the wagons, but can we deal with the secrets that come out?

Mordecai - I push the buttons everyone else is afraid of. I poke the hurt so that we can at least still feel. If I don't? I walk into some nightmare freaking scenarios. Still, there's no need for my siblings to worry about my ass, I'll just keep them angry, keep them distracted. I can fall apart alone, I'm good like that.

Malachai - My twin is a jerk, my older sister has one foot out the door already, and my siblet is hiding stuff from all of us. Add to that the fact that I'm hopelessly in love with my best friend, and we've got a home run baby.

Bob - My siblings are a-holes. They're my a-holes though. I love them, but I can't let them in on this stuff. I'm the f'ed up one already, so what's one more thing right? I'm already the kid who got kidnapped by a freak? Already the kid who has her own room at the mental hospital for juvies. What's one more thing?

The Angler Prep Saga is a series of New Adult/High School romance books - suitable for readers 18+ It features:+Multiple tropes (Bully, Enemies-to-lovers, friends-to-lovers, etc.)

It includes triggers:


Assault (including S/A)

References to crimes against children

Elicit substance use/abuse alcohol abuse

Mental health issues