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The Cacedera Chronicles

Like Alice and the looking glass, Ambrosia Meek finds herself sucked into another world, but there are no mad haters here. Only two equally sexy men who would bleed for her, and a twisted Prince who wants to make her bleed for him.

Mirrors of Cacedera - Out Now!

Shadows of Cacedera - Coming Soon!

Crowns of Cacedera - Coming Soon!

Huntress - A Cacedera Novella - Coming Soon!

Angler Preparatory Academy Saga

What's in a Naim? - Out Now!

Malicious Intent - Out Now!

Boise Blues - Coming soon!

Mordant Memories - Coming soon!

Here's what readers have said!!

"This book is the perfect mix of enemies to lovers, amazing side characters, witty one liners, heart stopping moments and hot spice. Kat is the kind of sassy female main character you'll want to be friends with. Gavin is a swoon worthy, brooding and grump hero. Despite their prickly relationship, he's not scared to stand up for her when she needs it. Nicole has captured the twisted toxicity of some mother/daughter relationships perfectly, including the long-term hang-ups. Read this book!"

- Jac

"Watch for trigger warnings. Absolutely incredible! I loved how protective the siblings were. The representation and portrayal of mental health was done so beautifully. I read in basically a day because I just could not put it down. Highly recommend everyone to add this to there TBR. Can’t wait to read what’s next! Thank you Nicole for sending me a copy. Well done!"

- Brittney

I did a Beta read for this book, and I just fell in love. Tre is your a-hole of a co-worker and Kim is just good at her job. Until she gets an invite to her Ex's wedding. Well, that hit her like a ton of bricks and Tre wasn't about to let her deal with everything alone. Just a friendly hook-up and fake dating turned into more than Kim and Tre were prepared for. The way they just relaxed with each other and tried to heal past trauma, to the couple everyone wanted. This read had me hooked from the beginning. You will love it!!

- Annette

"I was gifted this fabulous book as an ARC read! And I an so thankful that I was! Author Nicole Stacy takes us a wild & fun ride between realms...with love, mystery, spice, secrets, VILLIANS and heros!! Thing is does our strong and independent FMC Amy really need a hero? This story will not disappoint! It keep me on my toes wondering were/what & when!! I loved it so much and I can not wait for the second book! YES it ends on a cliffhanger!!

- Mandy

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